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Dog Accommodation

Our rooms are run by our experienced long standing staff, with the aim to ensure your pet’s stay is their home away from home. Your dog will be warm at night, sleeping in a fully insulated room on a trampoline bed with a snuggly blanket. Every morning and afternoon your pet will run around and play in one of our 12 large grassed exercise areas. There are lots of toys to play with and sails for shade, for afternoon naps. In the middle of the day your pet will go into a day room to rest and sleep as they would at home.

If you are worried about your pet getting lonely, fear not! We will give him/her a friend to play with – of course we match them carefully for size, age and temperament. Your pet will dine in style, with our natural food containing no artificial colourings or flavourings. Of course, should you wish to provide your own food, you’re welcome to.

We like your pet to go home smelling like a rose, so a hydrobath is complimentary.

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Cat Accommodation

Our cattery has been specially designed by our family with more than 30 years’ experience breeding and catering to the needs of cats. The cattery is well away from the dog area and there is no nose to nose contact.

Each cat will enjoy the comfort of a self-contained suite, complete with a verandah area, scratching post, snuggly igloo bed and spectacular bushland views. Your pussy cat will never be short of attention. They’ll get lots of cuddles, pats and TLC. All of our cats are fed with the highest quality food, but should you wish to provide your own this does not present a problem. Our staff are experienced with administering any form of medication, if need be.

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Other Pet Accommodation

Did you know we also look after your smaller furry family?

At Barnstone Kennels & Cattery, our staff are fully experienced to look after your other furry family members like birds and rabbits. As long as you bring them in with their own cage and food we will look after the rest! From cleaning, feeding and visual health checks we will continue to nurture and care for them like you would until you return.

Accommodation Price List

Accommodation TypeLow SeasonSchool HolidaysXmas
**Prices effective 1st July 2019.
Out of Business Hours Opening Fee $200.
Prices are charged per calendar day.
$10 surcharge for Public Holidays.
7-day minimum stays at Christmas.
School Holidays are any date within any NSW School Holiday period and Christmas rate dates are between 16th December-16th January.
Payment options include Cash, Eftpos or Credit Card (surcharges apply).
For Dogs - Executive Package
Includes shared room, morning meal, daily outside activities, lots of cuddles and bath and dry.
For Dogs - Presidential Package
Includes shared room, morning and night meals, all day Doggy Day Care, lots of cuddles and bath and dry.
For Dogs - Executive Private Package
Includes private room, morning meal, private playtime lots of cuddles and bath and dry.
For Dogs - Royal Private Suite$89$99$109
For Cats
Includes private room, daily wet/dry meals, fresh litter, comfy bedding, lots of cuddles and cat scratching posts.
For Birds & Rabbits
Includes daily cleaning, meal serving, tranquil surroundings and of course lots of cuddles.
Owners must supply own housing and food. Charges apply per cage.

Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi from homeFirst pet $60 each eay
Additional Pets $20 each way
Pet Taxi from Vet AgentFirst pet $25 each way
Additional Pets $10 each way
Doggy Day Care Pet Taxi from homeFirst pet $10 each way

Flea & Tick Treatment

Treatment TypeSmallMedium - Large
Advantix - Dogs$20$25
Revolution Plus - Cats$20


Medication TypePrice
Medication$4 / administration
Injection$10 / administration
Out of Business Hours Fee$25 / administration


Extra Meal$4 each
Owner Supplied MealsFree
Pet Report (Email with photos)$20 each
Extra Playtime (15 min)$15 per pet
Extra Walk (15 min)$15 per pet
Extra Cuddle Time$10 per pet

Room Service Menu

Room Service MenuPrice
Chicken Mince per 100g$2.50
Beef Mince per 100g$2.50
Chicken Necks 3 Pack$2.50
Tuna per 100g$3.00
Sardines per 100g$2.00
Salmon $3.50
My Dog Tin$3.00
Fancy Feast Tin$2.50
Warm Chicken Stock$2.00
Warm Kitten Milk$2.50
Small Ice Block Treat$3.00
Large Ice Block Treat$4.50