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Dog Boarding
  • Our kennels are run by our experienced long standing staff, with the aim to ensure your pet's stay is their "home away from home".
  • Your dog will be warm at night, sleeping in a fully insulated kennel on a trampoline bed with a snuggly blanket.
  • Every morning and afternoon your pet will run around and play in one of our 12 large grassed exercise areas. There are lots of toys to play with and sails for shade, for afternoon naps.
  • In the middle of the day your pet will go into a day kennel to rest and sleep as they would at home.
  • If you are worried about your pet getting lonely, FEAR NOT! We will give him/her a friend to play with - of course we match them carefully for size, age and temperament.
  • Your pet will dine in style, with our natural food containing no artificial colourings or flavourings. Of course, should you wish to provide your own food, we are happy to oblige!
  • We like your pet to go home "smelling like a rose", so a hydrobath is included free of charge in the tariff quoted. Of course, for the protection of your dog and others, we require a minimum of a C5 vaccination including an intranasal (bronchishield 3 or Nobivac)- certificates must be sighted.

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